Friday, June 20, 2008

5 Sex Games

Here are some sex games that are sure to put the spice back into your bedroom antics.

1. Sexzee Yahtzee

All you need is one die and a vivid imagination. On a piece of paper, both partners write actions to correspond with the numbers. You can keep this one relatively tame (e.g. 1 = foot massage) or push the limits depending on your mood (e.g. 1 = blow job). When you roll, your partner has to deliver. Remember: This is your chance to try out all the “acts” you’ve been too shy to request, so don’t hold back.

Bonus: You can throw in two or more dice for multiple acts performed in a series or at the same time.

2. Truth or Dare?

If you’ve never played this sex game, you’re in for a surprise. Whether you pick truth or dare, you’re sure to uncover a few new (and titillating) things about your partner (and vice versa). All you need to play is a vivid imagination and a healthy sexual appetite. If you get stuck, don’t only ask about her sexual fantasies, bring them to life. As for dare, a striptease or lap dance is always a crowd pleaser. If you don’t want to ask or answer about past sexual escapades, set a rule from the get-go that former flings are off-limits. The last thing you want to do is make her jealous or self-conscious.

Bonus: Play this sex game over dinner for added exhibitionist excitement.

3. 7 Minutes in Heaven

Just because you’re no longer a teenager, it doesn’t mean the closet is off-limits. In the adult version of this game, wait for her in the dark (door closed) while she slips into something more comfortable (or nothing at all). The anticipation and confined space will up the hot factor and the lack of light will heighten your senses. Once she steps inside, kiss her hand, kiss her arm, kiss her collarbone, but hold off kissing her lips until she can’t take it any longer.

Bonus: Turn it into a game that the first person to speak loses.

4. Spin the Bottle

You probably remember Spin the Bottle from the wood-paneled basement days of your youth that was usually played by a bevy of bashful boys and girls. This variation of the classic pushes the boundaries well past kissing. Start by polishing off a bottle of wine that always helps set the mood. In addition to the empty bottle, you need a marker and a large piece of paper. Start by drawing a circle about twice the size of the wine bottle, divide it into six equal sections and write a sexy request in each section, something both men and women can perform (e.g. French Kiss, StripteaseStriptease, Partner’s Choice). Take turns spinning the bottle; whatever section you land on, you perform on your partner.

Bonus: Videotape your escapades for later viewing.

5. Sexy Twister

Remember Twister? Remember all those contortionist positions (right leg green, left hand yellow) that had your body entwined with your competitors. Now, picture playing it naked with your girlfriend. The Kama Sutra of board games, all you need for naked Twister is the Twister board and your birthday suit. Spin the wheel and place your limbs where the wheel indicates, making sure not to topple over. To add some excitement, distract your opponent by licking, nuzzling, kissing, and tickling. Last man (or woman) standing wins this sex game.

Bonus: Rather than starting out stark naked, turn Sexy Twister into Strip Twister. With each spin of the wheel, an article of clothing is removed before you take your position.

Let's the game begin :)


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